Social Services

Our Social Services team of professionals provide guests at our kitchen with information and referrals to other support agencies to help address their challenges. Our services and partnerships provide with housing assistance, medical services, and counseling. We have also developed on-site services including health and vision screenings, flu shots and HIV/AIDS prevention and testing.

SNAP Enrollment & Services

At Elijah’s Promise, we put an individual’s most fundamental needs first- food, water, and a safe space to breathe and seek help during life’s most challenging times.

We have a dedicated Social Services team that assists individuals in need with navigating the resources and services that will support them on their journey towards stability, starting with the most basic but crucial life necessities.

After making sure a client’s immediate needs are met, we connect them with additional supports, leading with food security first. In particular, we focus on connecting our guests to SNAP (food stamps) resources to ensure that in addition to the healthful meals they receive at the Soup Kitchen, they are able to purchase and prepare the food that they need once they leave. We welcome all at the Soup Kitchen for as long as they need, and also we are honored to be a part of their journey towards self-sufficiency.

Through a partnership with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, we are offering on-site SNAP counseling services for individuals who think they might qualify or have questions about their SNAP benefits.

If you or someone that you know would like to speak about SNAP benefits, please fill out the referral form below or walk-in during our SNAP enrollment office hours on Tuesdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm. You can also contact our Social Services department at 732-545-9002 ext. 118 or email

Complete our SNAP Referral Form Here: SNAP Counseling Session Referral Form

Social Services Team

The social service delivery model is based on recommendations incorporated in the Middlesex County Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Services are non-facility, interventions aimed at engaging homeless people living in Middlesex County who have been unable or unwilling to access support from traditional service settings and providers.

Through our deployment of a mobile outreach team making regularly scheduled stops throughout Middlesex County – in a van fully stocked with food, clothing, blankets, hygiene items, and information – case managers and peer outreach workers seek out the chronically homeless on the streets, under bridges, living along the Raritan River, or in other yet undiscovered locations.

Utilizing engagement strategies that are non-threatening and non-judgmental, social services staff work to establish a trusting relationship with homeless individuals, many of whom struggle with mental illness and/or substance abuse, with the ultimate goal of moving them off the streets and into stable housing.

Our goal is to empower people to begin addressing the complex issues at the root of their personal struggles.

For social service inquiries, please contact


For information on SNAP, email or call 732-545-9002 ext 118

For other Social Services Inquiries, please email


Promise Clinic

In January of 2005, Elijah’s Promise with medical students from the Rutgers Medical School launched the Promise Clinic – a primary health clinic through which medical students in coordination with Elijah’s Promise staff provide primary care to uninsured patrons of the kitchen with limited access to health services.

Recognizing that the guests of our community soup kitchen bring many health concerns and challenges, Promise Clinic is a partnership with Rutgers Medical School and works with volunteer medical students to provide patrons of our community soup kitchen with health services to live healthier lives.

Rutgers Medical School

Elijah’s Promise and Rutgers Medical School partner to provide health services to patrons of our community kitchen.

Every year through Promise Clinic we provide over 1000 primary care sessions and over 4000 health screenings and tests for clients of the Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen as well as the greater New Brunswick community. This partnership gives emerging doctors and medical professionals real-life medical experience while also providing critical health services to those who are homeless or simply cannot afford qualified medical care. Over the last 10 years the Clinic has demonstrated lasting results amongst our soup kitchen guests, decreasing their preventable usage of emergency room services dramatically.

Clinic Services

Promise Clinic is built on a continuity of care model and provides basic health maintenance, screenings, medications, and laboratory work.The clinic annually serves approximately 80 patients and provides primary care including: management of chronic medical conditions, acute illnesses, preventative medicine and social support.This collaboration between Elijah’s Promise and Rutgers Medical School has provided guests of the kitchen with basic level of care that has reduced the need for emergency medical services.

Other services provided on-site include:

  • HIV testing
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Vision
  • Skin Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Stroke Assessment Screenings

Eric B Chandler Health Center
277 George St
New Brunswick NJ 08901

Promise Clinic Hours:
Please speak with Promise Clinic staff to arrange an appointment.

Pre-Registration and Referrals are Required from the HEART Team:
Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen
18 Neilson St
New Brunswick NJ 08901

To Refer Patients, please contact the HEART Team  at (732)545-9002 Ext. 119