At Elijah’s Promise, we do more than feed people. We change lives. From our inception, we have been grounded in the belief that “Food Changes Lives.” Our programs include emergency feeding, social services, culinary job training, healthy cooking programs and a mobile soup kitchen – all leveraging food as a catalyst for positive change and wellbeing in our community.

Over this last year Elijah’s Promise has…

  • Served over 375,000 free meals both at our Community Soup Kitchen and throughout Central New Jersey
  • EP On Wheels— E.P. On Wheels, our mobile soup kitchen on wheels, is officially traveling to eight fixed locations a week including five low-income senior citizen locationswhere we serve fresh, hot, and free meals to the communityevery week to highly food insecure neighbors who can’t get to the Community Soup Kitchen.
  • Promise Culinary School continues to give clients critical job training for employment. We graduated two culinary school classes as well as offering regular Let’s Cook programs to food issues families and children.
  • Partnered with over ten social service organizations that regularly pick up food to bring to their food insecure clients.

 Providing one-on-one interaction with Community Soup Kitchen clients to guide those in need of additional state and federal assistance programs to the correct services as well as counseling on next steps to achieve long-term health and success.

Distributed a record amount of clothing and hygiene products to homeless individuals while also helping them access housing, SNAP and other social service benefits.

It was heart warming to see people helping others who may have less than them. Seeing it first hand restored my faith in humanity and people's willingness to help their fellow brothers and sisters. Great experience. I look forward to returning.

- Abdull

Elijah's Promise is an amazing place and I am grateful for all that you have given me!

- Diana

A wonderful and caring group of people selflessly donating their time to help others.

- Kurt