We need your help!

To keep serving our guests two meals a day, we need snack packs to give alongside our hot meals. If you have the means to make snack packs following the guidelines below, we need your help making sure we have at least 1,750 bags a week! Please, don’t call in advance, just bring any bags to the front door between 9am-1pm on weekdays or 10am-1pm on weekends and a staff member will be there to accept them. Thank you!

We need snack bags to pass out with our hot lunches! If you are able, please supply the following in brown bags: 1) Fruit Cups (non-perishable) 2) Drink (water or juice box) 3) Healthy snack (granola bar, sealed muffin, and/or crackers) Please deliver to 18 Neilson Street, New Brunswick 9am-1pm on weekdays and 10am-1pm on weekends. Do not call in advance. Staff will be there to receive. THANK YOU!

Each year, Elijah’s Promise works with over 2,500 volunteers from our community to enact our mission of food changes lives! Interested in volunteering as an individual or group? We would love to host you!

Volunteering FAQ

If you have questions about volunteering for Elijah’s Promise, please view our FAQ below. Still have questions? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Click “Register to Volunteer” using the button above or this link here. You will be brought to Volunteer Hub. Once there and signed in, you will see a calendar of all the events available to volunteers as well as descriptions of what you would be doing. If the shift you desire is available, click on it to register.

Please wear work appropriate clothing. Make sure your legs are covered and you wear shoes that are closed toed and have backs. Not the day to wear your good clothes.

Specifically, for your safety, all volunteers are required to wear:

  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Shorts covering below the knee caps, capris, or jeans
  • Sleeved shirts covering forearms

Elijah’s Promise takes volunteer safety very serious and we do not grant exceptions to this dress code. Volunteer Coordinators and staff have the authority to dismiss volunteers from their shifts if they do not dress appropriately. Thank you for following required dress code and for your support of Elijah’s Promise!

You have to be at least 12 to volunteer but 18 to serve in the kitchen. If you are under the age of 18, you must come with supervision. Your supervision must also sign up to volunteer.

Any volunteer under the age of 18 must come with guardian supervision. This supervision must also sign up to volunteer as well.

Please go online to the volunteer hub and see what shifts are available. Once you find a date and time available, email the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@elijahspromise.org with what shift and how many people will be attending.

When volunteering at for a shift at Promise Kitchen, you can have at maximum 6 people excluding the dish room that can only hold 2. If you have more than 6 people in a group, we will have to split you over multiple shifts.

Promise Garden and Promise High Tunnel can accommodate larger groups of up to 20 individuals at a time. For groups over 10+ people, we suggest a team donation of $300 to cover garden and staffing expenses for larger group sizes. Please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@elijahspromise.org to coordinate a group work day.

Yes! Please email volunteer@elijahspromise.org with the Volunteer Hour In / Out Tracking Sheet (PDF) – Click this link to download the tracking sheet. We will then send back a verification letter on official Elijah’s Promise Letter head.

Volunteers are highly involved at Elijah’s Promise. At any location, saying you are here to volunteer will get you were you need to be. If you are in the kitchen, asking for the chef/manager will get you where you need to be.

Please do not sign up for a shift if you have any idea that you might have to cancel. We depend highly on our volunteers, and last minute cancellations can put us drastically behind our work quota. However, we are aware emergencies do happen. If an emergency does happen please call (732)545-9002.

All volunteers must register before they show up to volunteer. Without a registration we cannot allow individuals to volunteer at our site.

Community Kitchen

Location: 18 Nielson St, New Brunswick

Serving over 100,000 meals a year is a lot of work, and we need your help! Sign up to volunteer at the Community Kitchen where we can host up to six individuals at a time. Your volunteer shift will help us to: prepare ingredients and cook meals, serve meals to kitchen guests, and clean and prepare the kitchen and dining room for our guests to have enjoyable eating experiences.

Individuals must register for shifts at Volunteer Hub!

Please refer to the following materials before your volunteer shift to ensure that you know our policies and procedures beforehand:

  • Volunteer Policy and Procedures (PDF)Click Here
  • Volunteer Dress Guide (PDF) Click Here
  • Welcome Student Volunteers (PDF)Click Here
  • Student Volunteer Hour In / Out Tracking Sheet (PDF) Click Here

Still have questions for registering and preparing for your volunteer shift? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator. We will get you squared away and ready to go for your shift at the Kitchen!

Bagged Lunches

Looking for a convenient team building volunteer opportunity for you and your group? Preparing lunches for guests at our Community Soup Kitchen is a excellent way to larger teams to offer their time and service to benefit our community!

Bagging meals is a great and flexible volunteer activity for youth groups, corporate teams, churches, and schools. Bagged meals can be prepared off site and delivered to 18 Nielson St. at a scheduled date and time.

Ingredients for bagged lunches to be purchased by volunteer group. Additional details for preparing  lunches can be found at the links below:

Bagged Lunch DetailsClick Here

To sign up for a bagged meal volunteer opportunity, go online to our volunteer website to register your group. Bagged meals are typically scheduled for Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays and are dropped off at the Community Soup Kitchen at 18 Neilson Street.  You can scroll through the website to find a date that works for you  … https://elijahspromise.org/volunteer/

Please note at this time we are not taking bagged breakfasts and we are only taking bag lunches. Thank you for your support!

Register to Volunteer
Thank you for your willingness to volunteer. At this time, we have cancelled all volunteer shifts. Learn More


You can volunteer with Elijah’s Promise at multiple locations:

Community Kitchen – 18 Nielson St, New Brunswick
Promise Garden – Across from 52 Tabernacle St, New Brunswick
Promise High Tunnel – Behind 14 College Farm Road, New

Instructions & Policies

Please read our policies and instructions before volunteering:

  • Volunteer Policy and Procedures (PDF)Click Here
  • Volunteer Dress Guide (PDF) Click Here
  • Welcome Student Volunteers (PDF)Click Here
  • Student Volunteer Hour In / Out Tracking Sheet (PDF) Click Here