Looking to make a difference in your community? Join the Food Recovery Internship program.

Our 2020-2021 program is currently full, but stay tuned for information on our 2021-2022 program!

Email Jason Flatt at food@elijahspromise.org with any questions.

Food Waste and Food Insecurity in NJ

Almost one-third of all food produced globally for human consumption is lost or wasted. That equates to approximately 1.3 billion tons of food per year! Meanwhile, an estimated 1 in 8 Americans are food insecure, a figure that includes approximately 12 million children and 40 million people overall.


School Food Advocacy

Do you know that 1 in 5 children in the United States are food insecure, yet more than a third of all the food in this country is thrown away every year? Help us make sure food served in your schools stays out of the landfill and helps feed others. Together, we can help take care of our planet while also providing for our communities.

COVID-19 has drastically changed school food service. Now as much as ever, it is essential we work to make sure that food served by our schools reaches students in need and not the landfill.

Have you had experiences with food waste with your school’s new food service system? We need your help! Email food@elijahspromise.org to share your experience, or how you’re helping alleviate school food waste in your community.

Interested in learning more about how to make your school food system work for everybody? Use our program and resource sheet and contact food@elijahspromise.org for more information!

Your Food, Your Choice Internship

The program for 2021-2022 is currently full! Stay tuned for more updates on the 2021-2022 school year.

High Schoolers, the 2020-2021 Your Food, Your Choice Internship (formerly known as the School Food Recovery Internship) is currently by-invitation-only as we assess the current needs and challenges brought about by COVID-19. If you are interested in receiving more information about the program and how to be considered, please email food@elijahspromise.org and fill out the contact form above.

The Your Food, Your Choice Internship includes:

  • ~3 hours a week commitment through June 2021
  • Education and training on school food systems, advocacy and organizing, and support in developing and executing an advocacy campaign to improve an aspect of your school food system
  • Weekly or bi-weekly group Zoom sessions
  • Regular one-on-one check-in calls
  • The opportunity to make a difference in your community building a healthier, more sustainable, more just school food system

Email Jason Flatt at food@elijahspromise.org with any questions.

Books we’re reading about the intersection of food justice and racial justice 

The following books and above articles are what our staff have been reading to better understand the interaction of food justice and racial justice. Food insecurity does not happen in a vacuum. It is merely one manifestation of deeper injustices incurred by generations of racial, class, and gender discrimination and the systems that uphold them today. It is the failure of an entire system that incarcerates, disenfranchises, defunds, and dislocates people of color at rates far beyond those of their white counterparts. We hope these books engender changes to the ways we fulfill our mission of empowering lives through the power of food as we endeavor to understand the role we play in sustaining systemic racism and the role we must play in dismantling it.

If you have further reading suggestions or decide to read any of the books in this selection, we would love to know at food@elijahspromise.org or @elijahspromise on Twitter. Black lives matter, and ensuring true food justice within our community is essential to fulfilling that promise.

Black Food Geographies By Ashanté M. Reese
Collective Courage By Jessica Gordan Nembhard
Colonial Migrants At The Heart Of Empire By Ismael Garcia Colon
The Color Of Law By Richard Rothstein
Dispossession By Pete Daneil
Farming While Black By Leah Penniman
Franchise By Marcia Chatelain
Stirrings By Lana Dee Povitz
This Land Is Our Land By Suketu Mehta