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Soufflés & Sorbets at Promise Culinary

Chef Aaron checks soufflés as the come out of the oven.

“We eat with the eyes first,” declared Chef Aaron Vannetta after teaching a lesson on decorative plating  to Promise Culinary School students last week.

Charlottes ready for tasting.

The class was concluding a unit on sweet, light soufflés and cool and creamy sorbets – desserts that tempt the palate with their appeal to the eye when drizzled with chocolate and topped with fresh whipped cream, cherries, mint and cookies. The students’ creations included tantalizing tiramisus dusted with cocoa powder and decorated with mint and tuile cookies and delectable charlottes guaranteed to tempt any diner.

With their desserts lining the table, Chef Aaron told the students to get ideas from each other’s work. “Look at one that you like and how you’d incorporate it into your own,” he said.  Nurturing creativity in the kitchen is key to developing culinary professionals.

As the 19-week culinary program rolls toward conclusion, PCS student Jennifer said she is excited about starting an externship at the end of May. She recently had a tryout at Rats, the exclusive restaurant at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton. She said it went well.

Lilian shows off her tiramisu.

First, however, her eyes are set on completing her training at Promise Culinary before moving on. She acknowledges the challenges that even a chocolate soufflé can bring.

“You’ve got to know your ingredients, otherwise you mess it up and you have to start over,” she said.

“I’m getting there,” she said cheerfully. “Just keep your head up and hope for the best!”