Mercado Esperanza

A Kresge Foundation FreshLo and NJ Office of Faith Based Initiatives funded project, the Mercado Esperanza is a flexible community market celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, cultural heritage and artistic soul of New Brunswick’s diverse population and Esperanza Neighborhood.

At the Mercado, local residents gather, shop, sell, dance, perform, and express their creativity and entrepreneurship. The Mercado also works to remove many economic barriers preventing residents from vending food for additional income and works to connect qualifying residents to commercial kitchen space, liability insurance, and cost-sharing strategies for ingredient procurement.

To ensure community ownership, this project is managed by the Friends of the Mercado, a counsel of local residents committed to ensuring that the Mercado reflects their community’s spirit and needs.

Beginning in October 2017, the Mercado Esperanza is generating community impact through economic empowerment that creates local wealth, creative placemaking with flexible artistic programming, community health and access to city-wide health services, and social equity through the connection of various cultures and low-barrier to entry economic opportunity.

If you are interested in participating as a food or cultural vendor at the Mercado, please contact Elijah’s Promise by emailing


If you have questions about the Mercado, or if you are interested in participating as a food or cultural vendor at the Mercado, email Andrew Schlesinger or complete the form below.

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