Promise Catering

Elijah’s Promise operates Promise Catering as a social enterprise working to bring affordable and nutritious meals to food insecure residents in our community. We provide over 60,000 meals per year to community partners including Meals on Wheels, Tiny Tots Preschool, New Brunswick Senior Center, and the Bates House in New Brunswick.

Our Culinary Staff prepares a variety of healthy meals with a rotating menu for our partners and we source food from a farms and other reputable food vendors in the region. Promise Catering also provides on-the-job training opportunities for our current culinary students and also short term employment opportunities before graduates find permanent positions. Our mission in Promise Catering is to serve meals that not only nourish individuals, but the community at large.

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Promise Culinary Chef preparing greens

About Promise Catering

Promise Catering works to provide healthy and affordable food.

Promise Catering Food

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