About Elijah’s Promise

The Elijah’s Promise Community Kitchen was started in August of 1989 and since it’s inception, the soup kitchen has grown from an organization of three paid staff and 100 volunteers serving 35,000 meals a year to a multi-service organization of 26 paid staff and over 3,000 volunteers serving over 170,000 meals annually between all of our meal service programs.

We are more than just a Soup Kitchen

Elijah’s Promise harness the power of food within our job training curriculum, community garden programming, social service assistance to individuals and families, community focused nutrition classessocial enterprise food businesses, and community food systems advocacy.

For decades, we have worked with our community and listened to their needs to build programming that address needs. Everyday we strive to do more to change lives through the power of food – that is our promise to the Greater New Brunswick community.

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Community Soup Kitchen Guests Sitting

Our Mission

Harness the Power of Food

Promise Culinary Grand Opening


Food Changes Lives

Elijah's Promise Event Raffle

Our Funders

We could not serve the community without them!

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It takes a community to fight something as large as poverty and hunger

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We are grateful for all of the faithful leaders and community members serving Elijah’s Promise in diverse ways. Below you will find a current listing of our board of trustees and advisory board:

Executive Committee:

Marylynn Matacera, President
Jeff Eaton, Vice President
Tracey O’Reggio Clark, Secretary
Gabe Lavigne, Treasurer

Board of Trustees:
Heather Cole-Lewis
Choka Yogalingam
Steven Rampolla
Ed DeVeaux
Nevin Kessler
Jim Zullo
Evelyn Rosa
Linda Van Derveer
Paul Ambos
Carmen Oshiro
Annemarie Cooke

Advisory Board Members:

Sam Boraie
Mayor Jim Cahill
John Calandruccio
Tom Clark
Francis Cole
Paulette Crabiel Wahler
Jean Holtz
Sarah Kan
Gabriel Lavigne
Charles Liebling
Steve Loy
William Lynch
Amy Mansue
Rosemary McAndrew
Miriam Merced


Isabel Nazario
Julia Rubin
Kelly Ryman
Steve Satz
William Schafer
Sandy Soriano
Pam Stefanek
Michael Steinbruck
Robin Suydam
Joe Taylor
Merle Taylor
Tim Touhey
Chris Trotta